Anna’s Story

Anna decided on a change in career and enlisted as a student with Bianco Academy to learn how to be a semi-permanent make-up artist from the talented Ewelina Wysocka.

Having seen Ewelina’s work on social media, Anna was keen to learn her techniques so that she could provide similar high standards when she started on her own.

Following her training, Anna wanted to have semi-permanent make-up on her lips and eyebrows so that she could relate to the perspective of her future clients and understand how the treatment feels.

The Process

As an award-winning permanent make-up artist, Ewelina always provides the same exceptional standard of care to all her clients. Ewelina carefully consulted Anna to ensure the shape, colour and style of shading on her lips and eyebrows suited her face perfectly.

Lip Blush:

Ewelina worked closely with Anna to select the perfect deep pink colour that would be in balance with her natural olive skin.
For shape, Anna wanted more defined lips, specifically focusing on a refined cupid’s bow.

The treatment process started with Ewelina carefully outlining Anna’s lips to the ideal shape before proceeding with her lip blush treatment.

As seen in the gallery below, the result is a stunning lip shade and defined shape that compliments Anna’s natural beauty.

Eyebrow Shading:

Anna was happy with the general shape of her eyebrows, but due to years of plucking and shaping, they lacked the fullness she wanted.

During the eyebrow-mapping process, Ewelina takes time to ensure that she works with the client’s existing eyebrow and face shape to give a natural shape that suits each individual. During this process, clients are fully involved at every stage to make sure they are comfortable and excited to proceed.

Ewelina then consulted Anna to carefully determine the perfect eyebrow shade to compliment her rich, dark hair and chocolate-brown eyes.

As seen in the gallery below, Anna can wake up every morning with perfect eyebrows that suit her face shape and hair colour.

If you’d like to speak to us about having semi-permanent make-up, don’t hesitate to get in touch or book a consultation online.

If you’re interested in a career in cosmetic tattooing, please head over to Bianco Academy, and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can support you in your training.

Before & After Photos