Customer Story

The customer had been on a long journey with her skin care. Having suffered from acne and very sensitive skin in the past, she had finally gotten to a place with her skincare routine where she achieved clear skin for the first time. The one thing she was still struggling with was congestion in her skin, which was causing texture and visible pores.

After speaking with practitioners, they identified that deep exfoliation from a laser carbon peel would be an ideal treatment for her.

The Treatment

During a Laser Carbon Peel, the skin is thoroughly cleansed before a thin carbon mask layer is gently brushed onto the skin. A laser is then applied to the skin, which reacts to the mask, creating a thermal reaction to exfoliate the skin.

This exfoliation cleanses and gently resurfaces, removing dirt and grime from the skin surface and from the pores, while the heat generated by the laser stimulates the production of collagen. This leaves the skin clean, clear and glowing.

As it doesn’t penetrate the skin deeply, this is a non-invasive treatment with no down-time, meaning the customer was able to carry on about her day immediately after the treatment – and received lots of compliments on her skin in the process.

Customer feedback

"I absolutely adore this treatment! I’ve had two carbon peels now, and I always leave my treatment absolutely glowing and feeling refreshed. I really struggle with congestion in my skin, and at home exfoliation doesn’t seem to do much for me, so this treatment is a life saver. Plus, it motivates me to get out of the house and run my errands because I get so many compliments on my skin! I can’t wait for my next one."

Treatment Photos