Ksymena’s Story

Ksymena had Cosmetic Eyebrow tattoos from another clinic that she no longer wanted. With natural chestnut hair, she wanted something that would suit her face better than the harsh-shaped black eyebrows she had been given.
After discovering us on social media, Ksymena contacted Bianco Beauty to inquire about cosmetic laser tattoo removal. After just a few sessions of SPMU removal, her eyebrow tattoos were gone, leaving her with just her natural eyebrows.

Still wanting a more permanent solution than shading in her brows with an eyebrow pencil, she had a consultation with Bianco Beauty’s Permanent Make Up Artist, Ewelina Wysocka, to have new eyebrows that would better suit her.
Ewelina is a multi-award-winning SPMU artist with years of experience creating flattering, stunning permanent make-up tailored to her clients. She was able to perfectly design a pair of eyebrows that suited Ksymena’s face and hair colour.

The Process

Ksymena started her laser eyebrow removal in January. She responded well to treatment; by May, after four sessions of cosmetic laser tattoo removal, her old eyebrows were gone.

Having seen the work of Bianco Beauty’s Permanent Make Up Artist, Ewelina, Ksymena immediately booked a consultation and patch test to start her journey for some new permanent eyebrows.

During the consultation, Ewelina worked closely with Ksymena to align on eyebrow shapes, colours and styles. The consultation process is essential to ensure everyone’s expectations are discussed and that Ksymena’s new eyebrows are ones she will love forever.

Now, less than a year on from when Ksymena initially approached us, her eyebrows are completely renewed and transformed and she couldn’t be happier.

If, like Ksymena, you’re unhappy with your cosmetic eyebrow tattoos and are looking for SPMU removal in Milton Keynes or Soho, get in touch for a consultation today.
You’re in safe hands with our experienced senior practitioners, who will tailor your laser eyebrow tattoo removal journey to you.

And if you decide you’d like a new pair of SPMU eyebrows after your removal, have a look at the exceptional work by Ewelina Wysocka.

Before & After Photos

Ksymena’s feedback

"I’ve seen Bartek to have my semi-permanent eyebrows removed. I was quite nervous but Bartek made sure I was comfortable. He did an absolutely fantastic job, and I would definitely go back.
I would 100% recommend Ewelina. She is fantastic at her work and took her time going through the whole process and making me feel comfortable. I am so pleased with the work she has done, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.