Magda’s Story

As a dog groomer, Magda regularly meets clients and was becoming increasingly aware and self-conscious of her facial hair, particularly on her upper lip and chin, resulting in a lack of confidence and a lacklustre feeling! A friend recommended Kasia, one of our practitioners, so Magda contacted our beauty clinic in Milton Keynes to book a consultation where we discuss the treatment and have a patch test.

The Treatment

During the consultation that we provide every client prior to their treatment, Kasia reviewed the consultation form to ensure there was no medical or health reason as to why Magda’s treatment couldn’t progress. Magda took the opportunity to discuss the procedure, which resulted in her feeling happy to progress with our laser hair removal in Milton Keynes. She decided to purchase a course of 6 sessions of laser hair removal for her upper lip and chin.

Magda has had three sessions of laser removal to date and has already seen a significant reduction in her hair growth and an improvement in her self-confidence!

If, like Magda, you’re looking for a more permanent hair-free solution, contact Bianco Beauty to arrange your complimentary consultation and to get started on the journey towards a new found confidence!

Before & After Photos

Magda’s feedback

"It’s amazing; I could see the difference even after the first session. The whole experience has been so good, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bianco Beauty for laser hair removal. Thank you!"