Małgorzata’s Story

Like many men and women, Małgorzata has problematic skin, which means something different for everyone. Skin problems range from breakouts to enlarged pores or oily skin in Małgorzata’s case.

Oily skin can cause insecurities because it’s visible, even when wearing makeup. However, excess oil also leads to whiteheads and acne breakouts. Some products can be purchased over the counter as part of your at-home skincare routine, but these can often be harsh, causing the skin to dry out. This may tackle the excess oil, but dry skin can become sore and creates further problems.

Having tried different products without success, Małgorzata came to Bianco Beauty for our Hollywood Laser Peel in Milton Keynes. Also known as the Carbon Laser Peel, it’s the more natural answer to a chemical peel. Just as effective but much kinder to your skin.

Małgorzata had her first session with our specialist practitioner, Kasia, in July and is delighted with the results. The Hollywood Laser Peel must become a regular part of your life if you want to keep on top of skin conditions. Results last up to three weeks since the skin has a growth cycle, and as soon as it grows over newly dead skin cells, the problems will again arise.

Having seen such excellent results, Małgorzata will return to Bianco Beauty and continue with her Hollywood Laser Peel treatment in Milton Keynes.

The Hollywood/Carbon Laser Peel Process

You may not remember the scene in Sex and the City where Samantha underwent a chemical laser peel, but if you search for it online, you’ll see a woman with very angry-looking and red skin that took a long time to heal. Our Carbon Laser Peel treatment in Milton Keynes is the more skin-friendly approach to ridding your face of dead skin cells and the problems they cause, leaving you with glowing, clear skin.

During the treatment, activated charcoal is applied to your skin to draw out the grime and dirt clogged deep into your pores, while clay and other ingredients hydrate and purify your skin.

Instead of washing or rubbing the charcoal away, a laser is applied to the skin to generate heat. The combination of charcoal and heat rejuvenates the skin, providing a deep cleanse and exfoliation with similar results to a chemical peel. This treatment has also been proven to reduce scarring and pigmentation.

Using natural ingredients that don’t damage the skin, our Hollywood Laser Peel treatment in Milton Keynes requires no downtime, so you can continue your routine after your appointment. However, we exercise caution on hotter days, ensuring skin is cool on arrival and advising clients to stay out of the sun and heat for a few days after treatment.

Małgorzata’s Testimonial

"My skin has never been so clean, tight, or glowing! I can see less pigmentation, and all pores have been closed. Carbon peel has helped my skin so much that I can’t even imagine. I’m still continuing the facial treatment plans as I can’t live without them."