Here at Bianco Beauty, we’re always looking to improve and hone the skills of our specialist practitioners. We do this through our training academy, Bianco Academy, and by attending masterclasses by other well-respected practitioners.

Bianco Beauty’s semi-permanent makeup specialist is Director Ewelina Wysocka, who has won awards for her spectacular skills and cosmetic tattoo creations. However, she’s always looking to add to her tools of the trade, be the best she can be, and ensure she can perfectly create her clients’ desired look.

Always Adding To Our Specialist Skills!

Recently, Ewelina attended a semi-permanent eyebrow, soft ombre brow Masterclass run by Katarzyna Teresiak. Already a master of the powder brow, Ewelina has also perfected Katarzyna’s pigmentation technique, combining a saturated base with a powdered top, creating the effect of a transparent appearance at the front of the brow. The result is beautiful, full, and natural-looking semi-permanent eyebrows.

This timeless, soft finish complements Ewelina’s approach and dedication to creating semi-permanent makeup in Milton Keynes that enhances her client’s natural beauty and features. Ewelina strongly believes that trends come and go, but the natural look is eternal, so you can trust her to make the best of the most prominent features on your face.

Ewelina After Her Masterclass

Your Semi-Permanent Makeup With Bianco Beauty

When you start your semi-permanent makeup journey, remember that it’s a long-term commitment. Like standard tattoos, cosmetic tattoos fade over time when new skin cells grow over the pigmentation. Other factors, such as UV rays, also impact the colour of the pigment. To keep your semi-permanent makeup looking fresh, you will need to have a regular Colour Boost treatment, starting from 12 months after the cosmetic tattoo is first created.

Want to enhance your eyebrows, lips, and eyes, or learn more about semi-permanent makeup Milton Keynes? Contact Bianco Beauty today and book a consultation with Ewelina.

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