Customer Requirements

Justyna is a loyal client and friend to us at Bianco Beauty in Milton Keynes. As well as returning to have the pigment on her lips refreshed, she had her semi-permanent eyeliner Colour Boost as well.

Some of our clients opt for a subtle look, whereas others prefer a more decorative finish, and Justyna’s cosmetic tattoo falls into the latter of the two. Starting with the winged, darker line, the pigment is then applied using a technique that creates a blended, shaded result. Creating this look by hand each day is time-consuming, and it’s easy to go wrong. As you can see, Justyna’s semi-permanent makeup looks perfect. Neat, precise, and natural-looking; Justyna gets to wake up with the look she loves.

semi permanent eyeliner treatment

The Procedure

At our beauty clinic in Milton Keynes, our award-winning semi-permanent makeup specialist will help you decide on the best approach to your semi-permanent eyeliner, ensuring you leave with the cosmetic tattoo that’s perfect for you. At Bianco Beauty, we have a selection of cruelty-free and vegan-friendly pigments available, and we take the time to find the best colour before starting the cosmetic tattoo procedure.

To keep your pigment looking fresh and vibrant, we recommend a Colour Boost from twelve months after the initial treatment. Contact us today for more information on our award-winning semi-permanent makeup in Milton Keynes, and we’ll guide you through the process, from phone call to completion.

Client Feedback

"I’m in love with my eyes. I always think they look good, but you really notice the difference after the colour boost has been completed. Ewelina is a genius."