Gwen’s Story

For many of us, using an eyebrow pencil to give a thicker, fuller appearance, or to add colour to our eyebrows is a part of our daily beauty regime. However, as with the application of any makeup, it takes time – something not everyone has the luxury of.

Back in 2020, Gwen, a busy mother, finally had enough of having to carve out that time during her hectic mornings, every single day. Still, it was something she felt she needed to do to be happier with her appearance.

Delighted with her eyebrows, Gwen recently returned to Bianco Beauty for her Colour Boost. This recommended procedure ensures that her eyebrows’ colour, density, and shape will continue to look as good as the day the pigment was first applied. Gwen is incredibly happy with the result and kindly left Bianco Beauty a five-star review for her original cosmetic tattoo, as well as a further review for her recent Colour Boost.

Procedure of Treatment

Although we use the term semi-permanent makeup, the cosmetic tattoos are permanent. However, as with any process that involves adding pigment to your skin, the colour can fade over time. Therefore, Bianco Beauty recommends getting a Colour Boost from 12 months after your initial treatment.

Our semi-permanent makeup specialists will assess your brow type, colour, and face shape when you arrive at our Milton Keynes-based beauty clinic. Then, working with you, we’ll sketch what your perfect brows will look like. There’s no need to pluck or shave before you arrive because, at Bianco Beauty, we aim to use cosmetic tattoos to enhance your features. We work with what is already there instead of creating something entirely new, resulting in a more natural finish. When you’re 100% happy with the shape of your new brows, the pigment will be added to your skin as part of the semi-permanent makeup process.

Gwen now wakes up with the eyebrows she wanted, with no need to pick up a pencil. However, since the eyebrows aren’t removed as part of the semi-permanent makeup process, there’s still the need for maintenance, be it through waxing or plucking.

If you’re interested in learning more about semi-permanent makeup in Milton Keynes, contact us today and we’ll guide you through the entire process, from phone call to completion.

Treatment Photos

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Semi Permanent Makeup Tattoo

Customer Feedback

"I had my eyebrows done: a perfectly executed colour boost with Ewelina and she was great! I’m very pleased as her handiwork is amazing. My brows on fleek, my life on fleek."