Customer Requirements

Savannah found that shaving regularly was time consuming and sometimes resulted in problematic rashes and redness, with ingrown hairs, particularly on her bikini line and legs. A friend recommended Bianco Beauty, Milton Keynes so Savannah called the team to book a consultation.

Procedure of Treatment

Following a successful consultation, Savannah decided to take advantage of Bianco’s full body laser hair removal promotion which was on offer so she had patch tests for all of the areas she wanted treated.During her first session, Rachel treated Savannah’s upper lip, underarms, arms, bikini line and legs.

Savannah returned after 5 weeks for her second session on face, arms and underarms, and a further 2 weeks later for her bikini line and legs.Savannah’s course includes 6 sessions for each area and she is delighted at the results so far after only two sessions but with regular sessions is looking forward to next Summer when she will have completed the laser hair removal course.

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Client Feedback

"I’m so pleased that I bought the full body promotional package and am having so many areas treated for laser hair removal.
The clinic is lovely and clean and all of the staff are friendly and professional. Rachel makes me feel so comfortable and the treatment has been really effective so far, I can’t wait to see the results after 4 more sessions! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bianco Beauty!