Customer Requirements

Before joining the Bianco team, Catherine was a regular client at Bianco and was a huge fan of her semi-permanent eyebrows by Ewelina. Seeing Ewelina’s award-winning make up on a daily basis, Catherine had no concerns at all about the procedure; however, as she didn’t usually wear any lipstick, she wanted to ensure that her facial features were not suddenly changed as a result of the treatment.

Catherine completed the medical consultation form to ensure there were no contraindications, and after having discussed the results she was looking for, she decided to commence with the treatment!

Procedure of Treatment

As with all clients, Ewelina discussed the results that Catherine was hoping to achieve, including the colour and density. After pre-drawing the shape and confirming that Catherine was happy, Ewelina commenced with the outline before continuing with the shading effect that Catherine had requested to give a less solid look of the colour.

Even with the initial swelling which lasted for a day, Catherine was immediately excited with the results, and over the past 10 weeks, the colour has stabilised to provide a defined lip tint enhancing her lips. She is looking forward to the top-up when we are able to re-open.

Lips before and after
Catherine after her treatment

Client Feedback

"As with all of the semi-permanent makeup Ewelina has created for me, I love it. I wasn’t worried about the results other than the fact that I don’t usually wear much more than a lightly tinted gloss so didn’t want anything too extreme. I love wearing no makeup, especially in the summer, and I am really enjoying the benefits of my semi-permanent make up! As always, I can’t recommend Ewelina enough and the treatments she provides with such care and attention. I can’t wait for my top up and may even ask for a little more depth of colour next time!"