Customer Requirements

After being introduced to Bianco by a friend and happy client of many years, Karolina came to the clinic in need of underarm hair removal to evade having to complete the tedious task of shaving under her arm. After years of shaving rashes and uncomfortable regrowth, Karolina booked in for a consultation with our lovely practitioner and specialist, Rachel.

Procedure of Treatment

During the consultation, Rachel spoke with Karolina about how the procedure will take place, what to expect, how to prepare for the treatment and any possible side effects that could occur. Once this consultation had taken place, Karolina felt confident and happy to continue with the treatment, and all necessary paperwork was completed before commencing the procedure.

Karolina booked in for six sessions to ensure the hair was fully removed for her to thoroughly enjoy. After only four of the six sessions, you could see a significant reduction in hair, with barely a few hair follicles remaining. This was an outstanding result, as it gave Karolina the freedom of wearing short-sleeved tops without having to worry about shaving her underarm. After the six sessions were completed, all hair had been removed, and Karolina was thrilled with the overall result and very happy with the service that she received.

We were delighted to hear back from Karolina during our temporary closure, who was extremely keen to book in for more hair removal treatments on other areas as soon as the clinic reopens after lockdown. If you are also interested in having this treatment, then please do not hesitate to contact the team for more information and to book in a consultation upon our reopening.

Karolina underarm

Client Feedback

"Thank you so much, I can’t believe what a difference the four sessions have made. I’m excited about starting my leg sessions when you re-open! Rachel made me feel relaxed and the whole procedure was comfortable, I wish I’d started sooner! Thank you x "