Customer Requirements

Tula wanted to find a long-term solution to remove unwanted hair. After searching throughout Google and reading our fantastic reviews online, she contacted Bianco and made an appointment with our practitioner Rachel.

Procedure of Treatment

Following a successful consultation and patch test, Tula commenced her laser hair removal journey in December 2018. Winter is always an ideal time to have laser hair removal as the treatment requires minimal exposure to the sun.

Delighted after seeing the results from her initial treatment area, Tula has returned to Bianco Beauty and extended the treatment to enjoy the benefits of a laser hair removal on a further two areas.

She is over the moon with her treatment results and is so impressed with the outcome. The professionalism and friendliness at Bianco put her at ease throughout the whole treatment process, making the entire procedure a pleasant experience.

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Client Feedback

"I have been going to Bianco for about a year now for laser hair removal and the quality and service has been amazing. I have started a new treatment of laser hair removal on my legs, and I am always so impressed with the outcome. Rachel is amazing! She is always so friendly and welcoming and puts you at ease for the entire treatment. "