• Name: Madalina Bogatu
  • Treatment: Laser Hair Removal – Face
  • Customer Requirements

    Madalina had sessions previously at another clinic in a different location but wanted to find a more convenient beauty clinic in Milton Keynes due to work commitments. Having seen reviews on Google, she made her enquiries with Bianco and arranged a consultation with our practitioner, Rachel.

    During her consultation with Rachel, Madalina made it perfectly clear that she was not willing to stop the random plucking method, which she was regularly using to remove the stray hairs on her chin and neck. Against Rachel’s friendly recommendation that she did not need to use this method in order to obtain optimum results, Madalina was adamant that she wanted to proceed and they agreed that they would commence treatment on a trial basis.

    Procedure of Treatment

    After a successful patch test, Madalina had her first session, confident that she would see positive results, despite still using the typical hair removal method between sessions. Familiar with the treatment process, Madalina did not have any reservations or concerns about the treatment itself, and as always, was put at ease by Rachel.

    Welcoming Madalina back into the clinic 4 weeks later for her second session, Rachel was delighted when Madalina confirmed that she was thrilled with the results and has seen a significant reduction.

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    Client Feedback

    "I’ve had laser hair removal before, but never have I had results so fast and so noticeable. I recommend Bianco from every point of view, it being professional, punctual and high quality. And to top it off, Rachel is amazing and friendly as well, so thank you! "