Customer Requirements

After a bad semi-permanent make-up treatment completed at another beauty clinic, Jenny required a restyle to give her the look she initially wanted. Jenny heard about Bianco through a friend and thought it was time that she treated herself to a good quality and professional touch up. This included an eyeliner correction that had left Jenny feeling uncomfortable about her appearance, and it was now our job to give her back her well-deserved confidence.

Procedure of Treatment

After a consultation with Bianco, a treatment plan was devised to ensure the best results for Jenny, and that she felt comfortable and confident with her practitioner. Taking great care, the Bianco team worked hard to reassure Jenny she was in safe hands, and that her practitioner, Ewelina, was both professional and an expert in the treatment she was after.

With a bad experience behind her, it was extremely important that the team thoroughly ran through the treatment and what she could expect. For the eyeliner, and all other semi-permanent make-up for that matter, it was vital that the team made sure that the liner was perfectly placed to the client’s satisfaction, and that it replicated the style that she was after. This meant careful drawing a template on Jenny so that she could tweak the shape and length of the make-up to suit her requirements. Once Jenny was happy with the shape, Ewelina went ahead and successfully completed Jenny’s semi-permanent make-up fix. Jenny couldn’t be happier with the final result and is looking forward to showing off her new look to friends and family.

If you are interested in semi-permanent make-up, then please feel free to contact the team for more information about the services we provide. The team will arrange a consultation with you, ensuring that you get the most out of your experience and leave the clinic feeling like a new woman.

eyeliner treatment

Client Feedback

"I am delighted not to have been stuck with another bad job like had been done from the previous clinic I went to. The team, and in particular Ewelina, were friendly, professional, knowledgeable and just fantastic! I am so happy with the results. "