• Name: Josie Clarke
  • Treatment: Laser Hair Removal – Bikini and Underarms
  • Customer Requirements

    Tired of having to wax her underarms on a regular basis, and suffering from ingrown hairs, Josie decided to find a professional well-established clinic that offered Laser Hair Removal in Milton Keynes. After reading through all the fantastic reviews and recommendations, she decided Bianco was the place for her.

    Josie contacted Bianco and was able to book in for a consultation with Rachel, and was delighted with the availability of a suitable slot. During the consultation, the client also became aware of the other laser hair removal services that were being offered. After her successful consultation and patch test, Josie decided to achieve two things at once and book in for laser hair removal on the bikini area, as well as her underarms.

    Procedure of Treatment

    Although initially a little apprehensive, Josie soon felt at ease with our practitioner, Rachel, who gave her confidence that she was in safe and knowledgeable hands.

    At Bianco, only the most up to date technology is used, and all our professionals are highly qualified to produce the best quality treatments for clients. Having had four sessions from her course of six, Josie has noticed significant results and is excited for a hair free future!

    If you are interested in any of our treatments, including laser hair removal, get in contact today!

    Client Feedback

    "I started my treatment with Bianco a few months ago and have had a wonderful experience. Rachel is amazing and makes you feel completely at home. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for laser hair removal- my results have been incredible!"