• Name: Elwira Nowak
  • Treatment: Laser Hair Removal – Under Arms, Half Leg and Hollywood
  • Customer Requirements

    After using different types of hair removal methods since her teens, none of the techniques Elwira used seemed to work effectively. With an abundance of unwanted and ingrown hairs occurring across many years, she became frustrated as nothing seemed to be working.

    Recently, a friend of Elwira had undergone Laser Hair Removal Treatment at Bianco. Through her friend positively recommending this treatment, she thought she would give a go.

    Procedure of Treatment

    After having a consultation and patch test with our highly experienced practitioner Rachel, Elwira felt at ease and confident that this treatment was the right route for her to take.

    Starting with her underarms and bikini area, Rachel used the latest laser technology to help remove hair follicles causing the ingrown and unwanted hairs on the designated area. Even after just one treatment from the course booked, Elwira was shocked and delighted at how well the procedure worked, leaving her with no bumps or razor rash and most importantly with a visibly significant reduction of hair in the treatment area.

    So impressed with the treatment, Elwira decided to begin laser hair removal treatment on her legs.

    Although only halfway through the laser hair removal treatment course, the client is blown away with the results, primarily due to how quick and comfortable the procedure is, and how it is showing immediate results!

    If you wish to enquire about our professional Laser Hair Removal treatments, have a read of our treatment page or contact us here!

    Client Feedback

    "I’ve been using different types of depilation and epilation since my teens and struggled with unwanted and ingrown hair for many years. Recently my friend has recommended the laser hair removal, so I thought I’d give it a try. I had my underarms and bikini area first, then seeing the results went for the legs as well. I can not tell you how happy I was even after just one treatment. It really makes so much difference, leaves the skin soft and smooth, no more bumps and razor rash! It’s also almost painless, and I’ve got a fantastic deal (as I was doing a few areas), their prices are very competitive!

    Lastly, I must say, Rachel was fantastic and professional, made me feel relaxed and comfortable, the whole procedure is quick and straightforward. I’m definitely recommending Bianco Beauty."