Customer Requirements:

Bartlomiej had a tattoo on the inside of his wrist, which was completed more than five years ago. Unfortunately, it had not been carried out to a high standard, which meant that both the lettering and ink was poor quality. Immediately after leaving the tattoo artist, Bartlomiej realised that this ‘permanent artwork’ was not something he wanted on his skin for life, but waited to have it removed.

Procedure of Treatment:

When Bartlomiej was ready to get his tattoo removed, he thought where better than Bianco, where he both works and trains students! Regular removal sessions provided exceptional results, and there is now no evidence of the tattoo at all.

Bartlomiej waited three months after his final laser tattoo removal session before booking in for another tattoo in the same area. This time, he opted for a reputable tattoo artist who created the perfect piece of artwork. A special thanks to Mark at Hypnotic Tattoo in Bletchley for his part in making this happen!

stages of tattoo removal

As a whole, Bartlomiej was thrilled with his results. If you wish to enquire about our fantastic laser tattoo removal services, contact us here or if you want to find out what else we have to offer, check out our treatments page.

before laser tattoo removal
after laser tattoo removal