Customer Requirements

Karen was becoming increasingly self-conscious of the dark, pigmentation spots on her hands, arms and chest. The spots had started to appear over a long period of time, so she wanted to discuss options to remove them.

Karen is a familiar face at Bianco Beauty, and we were keen to help her with her concern. The spots, also known as pigmentation of the skin, can be caused by sunlight, ultraviolet rays, hormonal changes and in some cases, particular medication. This is a very common condition that many people tend to experience.

Procedure of Treatment

In the consultation, our skilled practitioner informed the client that this condition could be treated with the Laser Pigmentation Treatment. He explained how this would rejuvenate the skin from any sun damage by repairing the pigment.

By using the same laser technique as Laser Tattoo Removal, high energy light is produced, which is converted into heat energy to remove the unwanted area of pigmentation Karen desired. Karen had two sessions concentrating on her hands, arm and chest area and was delighted with the results. Just five weeks after the final session had taken place, there was a visible difference in all treatment areas.

skin micro pigmentation

Client Feedback

"This treatment is absolutely incredible. Bianco has been so kind and helpful throughout this whole procedure. I would recommend this to anyone who experiences being self-conscious as it has rebuilt my confidence! Amazing."