• Name: Debbie Miller
  • Treatment: Laser Hair Removal on Chin and Bikini Line
  • Customer Requirements

    As a regular customer for other procedures at Bianco, Debbie mentioned that she was concerned about ingrown hairs on her bikini line as well as her chin area.

    We recommended our laser hair removal treatment which uses an intense pulsed light or laser, destroying hair follicles, creating a long term hair removal solution. This was the perfect treatment to help resolve Debbies insecurities.

    Procedure of Treatment

    A formal consultation was set up with Rachel, one of our popular therapists. She went through all of Debbie’s concerns and the results that are expected to be achieved after the treatment concludes. After a successful consultation and patch test, Debbie stopped waxing and started the first of 6 laser hair removal treatment sessions which she had purchased.

    After the 3rd treatment, Debbie noticed visible results, including a reduction in hair, in particular, ingrowing hair. She also noticed an improvement in her skin tone. Debbie saw a vast improvement after the course was completed, and has decided to have a couple more sessions to give her optimal results for hair reduction.

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    Client Feedback

    "I can’t tell you how happy I am with the treatment I have received at Bianco. Rachel has made me feel really at ease and the results are fantastic. I wish I’d started my laser hair removal journey years ago!"