Customer Requirements:

Lisa is a very active, on the go individual. She teaches Pilates and various other gym classes throughout the day and evening. Always keeping fit and healthy, Lisa would like the comfort of hairless underarms to give her much needed time back in the day. Being in front of so many people teaching her classes, Lisa is the ideal candidate for laser hair removal, as her underarms are always on show.

Treatment Procedure:

In the consultation, we discussed the procedure of the Laser Hair Removal. The treatment destroys the hair follicles for long-lasting hair removal. Lisa needed to have 6-8 treatments to eradicate the hair and achieve smooth, hairless underarms. Lisa was concerned about the pain, but we reassured her that this was a bearable pain and each treatment only lasted a few minutes. Rachel Skinn is our specialist in Laser hair removal and always gets amazing results.


Client Testimonial

"“This has been the best decision I have ever made! I don’t think twice about wearing sleeveless tops while teaching, which really helps my students. By using my arms I can easily demonstrate exercise positions to achieve the stretch or pose. I feel liberated from the razor and I don’t have to rush in the morning to get ready for my classes.”"