Customer Requirements:

Katarzyna is a very busy young lady, who works in a Spa. She wanted to have Semi-Permanent Eyeliner to avoid any smudging the conventional liquid eyeliner she usually wears for work.

She decided that this would save her a considerable amount of time in the mornings, as well as countless moments throughout the day having to correct her eyeliner.

Treatment Procedure:

In consultation with Katarzyna, we discussed the versatility of Semi-Permanent Make up. With the smoky eyeliner, we can achieve a natural eyeliner look that can be easily matched to evening makeup.

With the addition of a little eye shadow, Katarzyna can transform herself from day to night in a matter of minutes. The steam or heat in the Spa will not affect the Semi-Permanent Eyeliner and will retain its shape, look and colour.

smoky eyeliner

"“This is the best treatment I have had! It makes my day to night transition so much easier as I don’t need to allow much make up to be ready to enjoy my evenings. The Spa although amazing can cause my make up to smudge or run in the heat or steam. This is perfect for me as my eyeliner is always impeccable thanks to Bianco’s!”"