Customer Requirements:

Here at Bianco, we offer Laser Hair Removal for various areas of the body. As Balmit had a previously bad experience with another Salon, she was hesitant to get tied into a larger area laser hair removal treatment. We were able to offer Balmit the underarms Laser Hair Removal treatment as this is one of the most popular areas to get laser hair removal treatment. At Bianco’s, we really value our customers and wanted to make sure that Balmit felt at ease before we started the treatment.

Treatment Procedure:

In the consultation, we discussed the procedure of the Laser Hair Removal, which destroys the hair follicles for long-lasting hair removal, as well as the before and aftercare of the treatment. For many women the underarms are a regular chore, that can be easily be forgotten with laser hair removal! Balmit also discussed that there is a dark patch where she has shaved her underarms over the years which she would like to be reduced. We informed her that by removing the hair, the skin should look more uniform in complexion.


“I am super happy with Bianco’s Beauty, they really took the time to walk me through the procedure and put any worries I had to rest. The team are amazing, and it always feels I was the priority customer! Over the six sessions, I saw a huge difference in the growth underarms and the treatment was smooth, easy and successfully removed all the hair! No more wasting money on razors and painful waxing! I was so happy with the team I have just booked in to get the laser hair removal treatment on my face also, to remove stubborn Asian hair. I would recommend Bianco’s to all those that have thick unwanted hair removed.”