Customer Requirements:

Sigita is a strong, confident, independent woman with already amazing eyebrows! However, although, Sigita was happy with the shape of her eyebrows she was looking for more definition in her brows. Bianco Beauty suggested that she opted for ‘powder brows’. This meant she’d no longer need to fill in her brows using any product or an eyebrow pencil. Semi-permanent makeup aims to enhance your existing features, which is exactly what Sigita was looking for.

Treatment Procedure:

In the consultation, we discussed the level of definition and the emphasis on maintaining the natural brow shape and enhancing the natural colour. As Sigita already had a great shape to her brow, we opted for the powder brows to give the definition and depth of the colour that she was looking for. This is a very subtle cosmetic tattoo, providing the freedom to move, swim, run and dance without her eyebrows smudging.

Client Testimonial


“I have always liked my eyebrows and the natural shape. As I have got older I grew ever more frustrated with using an eyebrow pencil, every morning, to give my brows more definition. I love the fullness and their clean shape; the powder brow treatment was just what I wanted. Thank you, Bianco Beauty Team, for walking me through the process, giving me great advice and valued customer service. Oh, and my now perfect eyebrows!”