Customer Requirements

At our beauty clinic in Milton Keynes, we are incredibly lucky to have a network of regular, loyal clients who love to enjoy a variety of different treatments at Bianco Beauty.

Becca has been visiting Bianco Beauty for a long time, and after seeing the fantastic results, all of our laser hair removal clients have achieved, decided to opt for booking in a set of sessions.

Laser hair removal continues to remain one of our most popular treatments due to the guaranteed results and instantly visible reduction in hair growth. We pride ourselves on utilising only the most advanced, state of the art laser technology by the leading brand Lumenis due to its proven safety portfolio and our confidence in the quality of the results the equipment can produce.

Procedure of Treatment

Although our laser consultants knew Becca as a regular client, it was important for her still to book in for an initial consultation to discuss both her requirements and the route we thought would be best suited.

Once a tailored treatment plan had been put in place, Becca continued to book her patch test and first laser hair removal session with our laser consultant, Rachel. A patch test must always be completed at least 24 hours before the client’s first session to ensure that they are a safe candidate for laser hair removal and will not experience any reactions. As Becca opted for laser hair removal on the legs, we asked her to ensure that she shaved her legs the day before her patch test and avoided using any moisturisers on the area; this helps us to achieve maximum results.

Becca’s patch test was successful, which meant that she was free to continue her set of sessions with Rachel. During each laser hair removal session, a cooling gel is first applied to the skin, and then a hand-held laser device is pressed onto the treatment area.

After just two laser hair removal sessions, there was already a dramatic reduction in hair growth and Becca has now completed four sessions with just two more left of her set.

Lightsheer laser hair removal
Leg laser hair removal

Customer Feedback

" I’ve had 4 laser hair removal sessions so far and could see an improvement after session two. The whole team at Bianco are so lovely and welcoming and Rachel, who carries our my treatments, makes me feel completely at ease. This is not my first beauty treatment at Bianco, and I will certainly be going back for more! "