• Name: Hannah Hurley
  • Treatment(s): Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal

Customer Requirements

One of our regular clients, Hannah, opted to book in a set of laser hair removal on the bikini line and spread the sessions across the Winter months, so that she could achieve full results by next Summer.

Laser hair removal is the most effective, long-term solution to hair reduction and successfully impedes the future growth of hair follicles in the chosen treatment area. Here at our beauty clinic in Milton Keynes, our team are official laser consultants and use state of the art, innovative Lumenis technology to maximise results. In all laser equipment is high-intensity laser beams which utilise heat energy to damage the follicle from the root. Over a set of sessions spread evenly across four to six-week intervals, each hair follicle will absorb the light energy and a dramatic reduction in hair growth can be noticed.

Procedure of Treatment

Hannah started her set of laser hair removal sessions with one of our laser consultants, Rachel, who took into consideration the clients requirements to create a tailored treatment plan. Sessions began in early August, as it meant that Hannah would have enough time to complete all of her appointments before the warmer months.

Along with the legs, underarms and face, laser hair removal on the bikini line is quickly rising in popularity as it is incredibly effective and convenient; it removes the need to have to worry about shaving or waxing on a long-term basis. Laser hair removal is also the only method of hair removal that does not run the risk of ingrown hairs, which is usually common on the bikini line when waxing or shaving.

Hannah has now completed three laser hair removal sessions with Rachel; the results so far have been successful, and there has been a visible reduction in hair growth. We are looking forward to seeing the full results in the future!

Customer Feedback

" I’ve been seeing Rachel since August 2nd and so far have had three lots of laser treatments. I’ve been really surprised by the immediate results I’ve seen already! The appointments are quick, and I would recommend anyone who is considering laser hair removal to visit Bianco – I promise that you won’t look back! "