Customer Requirements

After the success of Justyna’s semi-permanent eyebrows by our award-winning semi-permanent makeup artist, Ewelina, she was keen to return to our beauty clinic in Milton Keynes for more treatments.

Similarly to many of our clients who opt for laser hair removal, Justyna had naturally dark hair, which meant that other forms of hair removal only worked on a short-term basis.

Although having naturally dark hair on the head and body can be frustrating for the individual, it does make them the perfect candidate for laser hair removal. Laser hair removal utilises high-intensity light energy to destroy the follicles from the root, impeding re-growth. The light energy is absorbed by the melanin within the hair, which is the colour pigment, meaning that the darker the hair, the more melanin and the more successful laser hair removal will be.

Procedure of Treatment

Justyna made the most out of her free consultation by discussing her requirements with one of our laser consultants, who was then able to create a tailored treatment plan. It was concluded that Justyna would require six sessions to successfully remove the hair on her underarms due to the darkness of her hair.

All clients who book in for our laser hair removal in Milton Keynes should achieve a dramatic reduction in hair growth after just a few sessions. We highly recommend to book in for an annual top-up to ensure that any new follicles at the start of the hair growth cycle can also be targeted.

laser hair removal underarms
Lumenis laser hair removal

Customer Feedback

" I’m so happy with my results so far from my laser hair removal – I have hardly any hair left under my arms, and I haven’t even finished my course of sessions yet! I’ve always found it hard to keep hair away for longer than a few days which was becoming really annoying, so I highly recommend laser hair removal to anyone else with hair as dark as mine. I always feel really comfortable at Bianco Beauty and am always excited to see all of the lovely staff each visit! "