• Name: Andrei Ionut Bud
  • Treatment(s): Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

Customer Requirements

Scalp micro-pigmentation is a new, innovative solution to hair loss or hair thinning. Natural pigment, colour matched to suit you, is strategically placed onto your skin in dotting motions using a digital handheld device to create the appearance of hair. Scalp micro-pigmentation is the only proven non-surgical hair loss treatment and has minimal risks compared to opting for a hair transplant.

Our latest client, Andrei, booked a consultation with Bianco Beauty after being recommended by a friend who had recently opted for scalp micro-pigmentation to fill in a patch that was starting to thin. He had begun to bald at an early age, however, wanted to avoid going under the knife for a hair transplant.

Procedure of Treatment

As Andrei required a full head of scalp micro-pigmentation, we suggested a more extended session to ensure that the final look was seamless and was even throughout the head.

Andrei’s natural hair colour was relatively dark, so we matched the pigment to a deep brown shade, so you would not be able to tell that the follicles were artificial rather than natural.

To create a subtle outcome, different sized needles were used, and the pigment was dotted onto the skin in clusters to reflect the way that the hair naturally grows.

Andrei before SMP
Andrei before SMP
Andrei during SMP
Andrei after SMP

Customer Feedback

" I was really wary of scalp micro-pigmentation at first, I thought that it would be painful and work similarly to a hair transplant, but I was completely wrong! Everyone at Bianco Beauty made me feel so comfortable, the procedure was easy and didn’t hurt at all. I’m really happy with my outcome, a huge thank you to the team! I’ll definitely be visiting again!"