• Name: Katarzyna Szychowska
  • Treatment(s): Laser Carbon Mask

Customer Requirements

Unfortunately, our latest client, Katarzyna, was one of the many individuals who had suffered from long-term acne. Acne is incredibly common worldwide, with an estimated 80% of the population suffering from signs of acne at some point in their teenage and young adult years. For some, a short-term breakout once in a while is the full extent of their experience; however, for others, there is an ongoing battle with acne with symptoms appearing to get worse over time.

Katarzyna had suffered from bad acne since a young age, which had left her with not only continuous breakouts but also a large amount of scarring around the face. She decided to take a visit to Bianco Beauty in the hope that we would be able to find an effective solution that would successfully treat her acne.

Procedure of Treatment

After an initial consultation to assess Katarzyna’s skin condition, we came to a collective decision that a course of our Laser Carbon Mask treatment would be the best route.

The Laser Carbon Mask treatment utilises charcoal along with the help of a specialist hand-held laser device to unclog pores from deep inside the skin. All built-up dirt and grime are drawn out of the skin gently, ultimately purifying the skin to reduce the likelihood of a breakout.

After just one treatment, Katarzyna could see a noticeable difference; her skin was visibly clearer and smoother. Katarzyna now visits Bianco Beauty every few months to maintain her newly-found, clear and scar-free skin and manage her acne breakouts.

Laser Carbon Mask
Carbon Mask Close Up

Customer Feedback

" I cannot begin to describe how happy I am with how clear my skin has become since booking in for the carbon mask. My acne started to clear straight away, and you can hardly see any of my scarring! Thank you so much!"