Customer Requirements

Similarly to many of our clients who visit our beauty clinic in Milton Keynes, Bozena was unhappy with her natural eyebrows as she believed that they lacked shape and individual hairs, along with colour, were not consistent. It is very common, for both men and women, for the hair on eyebrows to grow sparse and without a solid shape, particularly if their natural hair is both light and fair.

Procedure of Treatment

Semi-permanent eyebrows are one of our most popular treatments at Bianco Beauty, and after seeing many of our unbelievable before and after photos, Bozena decided that this was the perfect solution to achieve the eyebrows she had always hoped for.

As Bozena’s natural eyebrows were incredibly fair and light in colour, our semi-permanent makeup artist Ewelina opted for a natural shape and colour to compliment her hair colour using a shading method. She used the natural shape and positioning Bozena already had and worked around this to achieve a full, sculpted brow shape.

semi-permanent eyebrows before and after

Customer Feedback

"I cannot begin to describe how happy I am with my new eyebrows! I’ve never really had much of a shape to my brows, which is something I’d always disliked, so I never thought they could look so amazing. It’s so much easier every day now to be able to wake up with the most perfect brows – thank you!"