Customer Requirements

Our client was in need of a hydrating treatment as she suffered regularly with dry skin. She found that her skin went through phases where all areas would be dry, and found it hard to resolve through basic skincare products. Amy was looking for a treatment that would remove all dead skin and bring all the natural oils and essential nutrients back into the skin.

Procedure of Treatment

We came to the decision that the GeneO+ Super Facial would be the best option to suit all client requirements. It would involve a deep exfoliation of the skin followed by a soothing massage to feed the skin of the well-needed nutrients.

To exfoliate the skin and remove all dry patches of skin or dead skin cells, we use a method similar to microdermabrasion. A cooling gel is applied and worked through all layers of the skin. Once all dead skin is removed, we have a blank canvas in which we can start to pump nutrients into the skin using light, heat and ultrasound waves.

Due to the intensity of the treatment, the skin is often red after all steps of the super facial, so to soothe the skin and achieve maximum results; a gold collagen mask is applied as the final step. Collagen is most effective in older skin as it helps to smooth out wrinkles, however as our client is young, it was used instead to hydrate and rejuvenate.

Amy Ickinger GeneO+ Super Facial
Amy Ickinger GeneO+ Super Facial

Customer Feedback

"Thank you to Kasia for an amazing GeneO+ Facial, she made me feel so relaxed I even fell asleep! After suffering from dry skin, Bianco made my face feel fresh and soft. I would definitely recommend the geneO+ Facial for anyone that needs a little pampering!"