Our dedicated team at Bianco Beauty are passionate about furthering their skills and learning new techniques to incorporate into their areas of expertise. Recently, Bartek and Rachel received their level four certification in Hair Reduction using Laser and Intense Pulse Light!

Lumenis Technology

We are currently working in partnership with Lumenis, the leading retailer of laser technology, specialising in the most advanced technology globally. We are thrilled to be the first beauty clinic in Europe to have the honour to use the Lumanis laser technology. Lumenis equipment is used to perform our laser hair removal to ensure that our clients receive the most effective results possible.

Our latest certification means that we can now use LightSheer, which is Lumenis’ latest generation of laser reduction technology. LightSheer uses a vacuum based handheld equipment with many different settings to make the hair removal process quicker and less painful. This means that no numbing products need to be used as a cooling agents is already built in.

Bartek Laser Hair Removal Certification
Rachel Laser Hair Removal Certification
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