• Name: Chloe Child
  • Treatment(s): Semi-permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Customer Requirements

Our client has visited us in the past to get her nails done and was familiar with our semi-permanent makeup treatment. She regularly tinted her eyebrows to achieve a darker and more prominent look as she disliked her natural shade. Through semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, she wanted to achieve a higher arch and soft shading near the front of the brow.

Procedure of Treatment

In our patient’s consultation, we decided to opt for a dark brown shade as she was used to regularly tinting her brows to darken her natural colour. The final results were achieved through a hair stroke, and shading technique and the client required two sessions to complete the treatment.

Eyebrow Success Story Results
Eyebrow Success Story Results

Customer Feedback

"I’m so happy with my final results, my brows are so natural, and the look is exactly what I had hoped for. I can’t even count how many compliments I’ve had from my friends and family, and I love waking up every morning with perfectly shaped eyebrows! Thank you so much to the amazing team at Bianco Beauty, I absolutely love them!"