In an ideal world, we would all wake up every morning with gorgeous, glowing skin with no trace of blemishes or breakouts. However, in reality, this cannot always be accomplished, and as your schedule gets busier, it can be hard to stay on track of a skincare regime. Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to take out a huge chunk of your day, and there are many different natural skin care tips that will help you on the road to perfect skin!

Natural Skincare Tips

Many factors contribute to the cause of unhealthy skin such as stress, lifestyle and even age. It can be easy to start spending a fortune on luxury skincare products in the hope that imperfections will start to clear up and you achieve celebrity like skin. Expensive products can help, but one of the best ways of achieving healthy skin is in fact through both your body’s natural resources and taking just that little bit more care each day, here is our top natural skin care tips!


Regularly exfoliating your skin can be beneficial to all skin types as it is the best way to clear pores. Breakouts occur when pores become clogged up with anything from dead skin cells to makeup, so removing this reduces risks and kills off bacteria before it has a chance to cause an issue. Exfoliation also helps to stimulate blood flow, increasing the rate of new skin growth making the skin look rejuvenated and fresh. It is recommended to exfoliate is using a dry brush before you jump into the shower or bath to remove all dead skin cells. The density of the brush you use depends on the sensitivity of your skin, if you suffer from issues such as acne then try a softer brush as you do not want to damage the skin further.

If your skin is dehydrated, then a great way to exfoliate is to make your own face scrub as it means you will both remove dirt from pores and moisturise at the same time. Many different face scrub recipes can be made of ingredients that you are more than likely to have sitting around at home. Take a look at this useful article we have found including 10 DIY face scrubs!

Woman Cleansing Her Face

Always Cleanse

After a long day, it can be a chore to take off all makeup and cleanse the face, but not only does it leave you waking up with a pillow full of mess, but it can also have very damaging effects on your skin. Makeup is the biggest culprit of clogged pores, your skin needs a chance to breathe and during the night while you are asleep is the perfect opportunity. There are also alternatives to wearing makeup every day, such as semi-permanent makeup, which will take away the issue of having to remember to remove makeup each evening and will not clog up pores.

Change Your Pillowcase

Many of us toss and turn throughout the night, which without realising causes our skin to constantly cause friction against the pillowcase. Although you cannot control what you do in your sleep, you can make it more caring towards your skin by trading in your old pillowcase for a silk pillowcase.

Homemade Facemasks

Not only are homemade facemasks great fun to make, but you can guarantee that your skin will thank you for them as you can control exactly what goes into your mask and then onto your skin. You can alter your facemasks to your skin type and the final result that you seek. If your skin is dry, you want to go for nourishing and hydrating ingredients such as coconut oil, honey, aloe vera and milk. On the other hand, oily skin will seek mainly lemon, but also papaya, tomato and orange peel. Many different online facemasks recipes can be found online meaning you can create fantastic facemasks from the comfort of your home for free!

Homemade Face Mask

Limit Sun Exposure

It is essential to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant for as long as possible, and sun exposure is one of the top causes of long-term skin damage. UV rays can start to cause damage even from an early age and high exposure in your younger years can cause an increase in issues such as wrinkles and age spots. Sun cream should be applied throughout the warmer months, even on the cloudier and darker days and many different makeup products do in fact include SPF. To minimise pore blockages due to constant use of sun cream, look out for products that state they are noncomedogenic.

Balanced Diet

Maintaining what is known as a ‘clean’ diet can have a positive impact on your skin, and many different superfoods can contribute to clear, healthy skin. Putting your skin through detox is the best way to clear breakouts, and it means you want to focus on snacking on foods which contain high levels of antioxidants such as berries, prunes and surprisingly, dark chocolate. Not only is it essential to focus on eating well, but staying hydrated is also vital. Green tea increases blood flow and the amount of oxygen that is pumped around the body, encouraging healthy skin.

Balanced Diet


Exercise can be fast pace such as running and sports or on the other hand relaxing such as yoga and meditation, both of which are great for achieving healthy skin. Many people use exercise to relieve stress and stay calm, which contributes to clear skin. Regular exercise has similar effects to green tea as it stimulates blood circulation and oxygen, but it also makes you sweat. Sweat is good as it is the best way for your body to remove all toxins from your skin.

Finally, Take Good Care

Overall, the best piece of advice is to take care of your skin. Some people are lucky and naturally have blemish free skin, whereas others are prone to conditions such as acne. These are just some of the many great ways that you can improve your skin without the need to spend a fortune on the products that celebrities claim to be their secret. Everyone’s skin is different and what works perfectly for one person, may not work as well for others.

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