• Name: Ruth Horton
  • Treatment(s): Nails and Semi-permanent Makeup

Customer Requirements

Ruth is a successful businesswoman who regularly has to travel around the world for work. She has been coming to us at Bianco Beauty for around a year and a half to get her nails done before trips and decided to try out our semi-permanent makeup. Ruth regularly has to wake up at the early hours of the morning to catch a flight to meetings, so wanted natural looking brow tattooing treatment to save the worry of makeup.

Procedure of Treatment

The full appointment with a trained professional took around 3 hours, which included legal paperwork, finding the correct shade and the treatment itself. Ruth has a fair skin tone and hair colour, so we tested out a few different shades before deciding on the perfect colour for the natural look she was after. The actual tattooing took around 1 hour, and then went through aftercare instructions.

Customer Feedback

"I was shocked at how amazing my eyebrows looked after my tattooing, I wish I had took the step and had the treatment sooner. The team at Bianco Beauty were as friendly as always and I was even given a complimentary healing balm to help my healing. I was so pleased with the treatment that I am looking into booking lip semi-permanent tattoo."